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You find here the finest selection of cheap air fares, best prices on hotels and budget car rental. We help you find and compare fares from +800 travel sites. Fairquote helps you finding the best prices for your holidays and flights. We compare prices of cheap flights among travel agents, booking portals and airlines and display prices in a price calendar. Bookmark this site and use it when you need to find cheap travel. We are not a travel agent, but a search engine that finds the cheapest travel, best airfare, high speed trains, budget hotels and rental cars. Do you travel a lot? Why not save money by finding cheap travel online with Fairquote? All holidays, flights and hotels are assembled in a coherent manner on the screen so you can easily get an overview of the travel market. Here you will find travel worldwide to all destinations within a few seconds. We use Momondo as search technology, and Momondo googles flights across sites to make it easy for you to save time and money. The legendary travel guru Arthur Frommer recommends Momondo as the best search engine for finding cheap flights within the US.

Shortly you will see more. We are excited to introduce a new innovative concept to you – search for your trip by using origin and destination city-pairs without using a landing page. We bring clarity and simplicity to your travel search. Let us demonstrate that online travel booking does not have to be complex, cumbersome or time-consuming. You know where you want to go - so just type that into your browser, e.g. Amsterdam-Geneva.coop, Zurich-London.coop or Singapore-New York.coop. Our system will also work with airport or city codes: AMS-GVA.coop, ZRH-LON.coop or GVA-BCN.coop. We launched hundreds of city pair websites and keep adding. Our launch sites cover already all of Switzerland and 300 cities in 60 countries, basically ALL direct connections serviced.

Our simple patent-pending design shows you air fares for each city combination. Alongside these fares will be a page detailing city specific information including hotel booking options and important information such as transportation, recommendations, restaurants, events, and other useful travel-related applications. Welcome to a new era of simplified travel booking. .....all live city-pairs at what is live

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